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Kyle started Reckoneer as a simple blog idea focused on writing about the mechanics of off-road and endurance sports. He has not created a hit podcast "Merchants of Dirt" and demystified outdoor race promotion with over 20 years of endurance and outdoor industry business knowledge. Become a member of the not-so-secret guild of race promoters as you join Kyle in building races that actually makes money. Anyone can become a race promoter, and Kyle can show you how! - Keep Racing with asynchronous virtual events

Keep Racing with Asynchronous Virtual Events

Race promoters that pivot quickly to Asynchronous Competition Events (ACE) and Virtual Racing will survive the pandemic.

/ March 30, 2020

We all walk the long road

Thank you to everyone who walked the long road with me and supported me over the past years. This has truly been an incredible journey!

/ March 28, 2019