Build a Race That Works!

Build a Race That Works!

Mountain Biking… Trail Running… Adventure Racing… Orienteering…

The list of outdoor racing disciplines is endless, yet they all have the same problem.

Race promoters are going broke trying to make money off them.

I once was in your position. I wanted to build a race promotion business but didn’t know where to start.

So I slogged through outdated blogs, repetitive checklists, and vague webinars like everyone else.

I tried to reverse engineer things I knew worked and experimented with things I didn’t.

I even became a certified race director in a multitude of disciplines.

And do you know what I discovered doing all this the hard way?

  • Most race promoters have no idea what they are doing!
  • Most race companies are barely keeping afloat financially!
  • Most racing certifications are junk designed to take your money!

And most people in this business never make any real money promoting races.

How can that be?

The outdoor industry brings in over US$640 Billion a year — US$525 Billion alone in trips, travel and event revenue!

So how can no one be doing well in this business?

The truth is that many race promoters have poorly managed businesses, are one-off racing outfits, or little more than hobby shops. They don’t follow any repeatable system, and often reinventing the wheel more than once.

It is no surprise so many go out of business within the first year.

Don’t go broke trying to be one of those kinds of race promoters!

I’ve demystified the strategies, techniques, and processes that make a race promotion business work.

The result is Reckoneer — a better way to learn the business of race promotion.

Reckoneer helps you plan, build, and promote outdoor races that #1 people want to come to, and #2 actually works.

Don’t go broke trying to do it yourself!