Build Better Pricing

Build Better Pricing

“Setting your registration price is supposed to be easy, right?
So why is it so hard to set race prices
that actually makes you a profit?”

How do you know your prices are right?

Yet, every year more and more race promoters are going out of business.

What’s the deal?

Their races look great! But for some reason, they never made any money.

Meanwhile, when you set your own prices, you’re constantly reminded of how many registrations you need just break-even.

However, when no one uses your online registration, you begin to panic.

Do you increase your price, keep offering discounts, or stay the course?

How are you suppose to know what to do?

Are you about to become one of those race promoters that no one remembers?

Why are you starting to feel like you should have learned to coach football instead?

Stop guessing about your race pricing

Race pricing can feel overwhelming.

But what if you could price your race based on real data, instead of chicken bones and your gut feeling?

What if you could be confident that your prices were targeted towards your actual customer and not random guesswork?

Could you regain that feeling of pure joy that comes when you build a new race with that knowledge?

Then it is time to stop winging it and start feeling the joy of confidence again.

It’s time to build better pricing for your races!

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In my 7-part email course Build Better Pricing, I teach you how to set your race prices without going broke!

This course comes to you in easy-to-digest emails, over the next 4-weeks. Each part will help you cut through the noise and complexity of pricing, and show you a repeatable process for setting prices that matter to your bottom line.

This course is delivered in two lessons per week over the next 4-weeks. Each lesson comes straight into your inbox, allowing you to tackle each lesson right away, or save it for a time when you can really absorb the information.

Preview Part 1 – How to set the right price

Here’s what you’ll learn

Part 1 – How to set the right price
Figuring out your prices is not easy. It’s time to decided to do something about your pricing, and not leave it to chance. [Read Part 1 Now]

Part 2 – The price is wrong, Bob!
Learn how a pricing strategy supports correct pricing and gives you confidence in how you will set them in the future.

Part 3 – Who is your customer?
Learn how to collect useful data on your potential customers, and how to use that data to make pricing decisions.

Part 4 – How much are your competitors charging?
Learn how to collect useful data on your competitors, and how to use that data to make pricing decisions.

Part 5 – What are you offering for the price?
Understand what you bring to table that different or special, and how that becomes a value to your races.

Part 6 – Costs, Prices, and Profits, Oh, my!
Understand how much your prices need to be before you break-even, go broke, or turn a profit.

Part 7 – Setting Your First Price
Learn how to finalize your pricing strategy, tie all the part together, and be confident in setting your first price.

Learn how the professional promoters do it.
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