Build Better Races

Build Better Races

“Where do you start
when it comes to building your first race?”

You’re planning your first race,
but you’re not sure what comes next.

Chances are you have some idea on how to put a race together, but don’t have anything that gives you step-by-step instructions on how to build it and be successful.

We all have to start somewhere!

But most race promoters start by winging it.

They think they have it all figured out, only to discover all the pitfalls and gotchas when it’s too late to change direction.

Learning the hard way is also how many forget critical steps when they go to build their next race.

They have nothing written down, and no way to share your process with anyone else.

A process that cannot be shared is a process that is impossible to repeat.

You can’t have success if you can’t remember how you did it.

How are you supposed to make a measurable dent
in your bottom line when you make it up as you go?

You start with a roadmap

Building your first race can feel like a daunting endeavor.

But what if you had step-by-step instructions on how to put it all together?

What if you could follow a simple roadmap that included all the necessary processes, timelines, and risks to look out for?

Wouldn’t that free your brain up for other things?

Then it is time to stop worrying about what comes next and start feeling the excitement that comes with your first race.

It’s time for you to build your first race with confidence.

Learn a process that is simple and repeatable

In this book, you’ll learn the fundamentals of planning, promoting, and directing your first race by covering these topics:

Plan: Learn what you will build, where you will build it, and how you will build it.

Build: Learn how to transition from planning to putting your plan into action.

Promote: Learn how to establish your marketing and communications plans, and begin selling your race.

Prepare: Learn how to make preparations for race day operations.

Direct: Learn how to conduct your start and end your race day.

Grow: Learn how to analyze your success with realistic race day measurements.

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