Training For The Race Promoter Who Didn’t Major In Business

Does the idea of selling your race make you nervous? Do you know you’re undercharging, but aren’t sure how to fix it? If so, I’ve created a course that has helped thousands of race promoters build a more stable and profitable business.


Build Better Races

Build Better Races is your ultimate resource to getting your first race off the ground. No other off-road racing product will get you from planning to race day than Build Better Races will. Do not go it alone. Make your first race the one that counts!

Audio Books

Build Your First Race

Where do you start when it comes to building your first race? Chances are you have some idea on how to put a race together, but don’t have anything that gives you step-by-step instructions on how to build it and be successful. In this book, you’ll learn the fundamentals of planning, promoting, and directing your first race.

Comprehensive Courses

Build Better Pricing

Setting your registration price is supposed to be easy, right? So why is it so hard to set race prices that actually makes you a profit? In this 7-part email course on how to build better race prices, I teach you how to set prices that matter to your business. It’s time for you to stop winging it and start feeling the joy of confidence again. It’s time to Build Better Pricing!

Hands-On Training

Race Director’s Bootcamp

My brand new course that gives you hands-on experience with race day management, venue layout, course setting, and officiating. Unlike other courses that teach you these sport management skills in a classroom, this “bootcamp” puts you into an actual race with actual racers! No other race director training offers you this level of real world, behind-the-scenes access to a real race.


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