Race Director’s Bootcamp

What if your race went
out of control?
Do you know what to do?

What if you knew what to do before you actually started?

Real-world, behind-the-scenes training

Off-road racing includes a ton of planning, with a need to give each moving part equal attention.

However, when you add actual people into your plans, all sorts of things can and will go wrong.

It can overwhelm anyone.

It’s too bad that you can’t just shadow an actual race director around for a day or two.

Or even get your hands dirty with a real race, without having to worry about the potential risk that comes being completely in charge.

If only there was a way to practice at being a race director.

Now there is!

Learn how you direct total chaos by facing it head on!

Introducing my New Race Director’s Bootcamp

The Race Director’s Bootcamp is a new way to learn how to become a race director.

This exclusive 2-Day course gives you what no other sports management training will give you: hands-on education in a real off-road environment.

Only offered twice a year, each course covers how to plan and organize a race, and then give you actual hands-on experience with course set-up, race direction, and officiating.

But unlike webinars and video lessons, this Bootcamp teaches you real off-road sport management skills by giving you access to actual racers during an actual race.

During this 2-Day course, you will receive hands training covering topics that includes: race day management, venue layout, course setting, officiating, results, awards, and much, much more!

This will benefit both new and experienced race directors, especially if your struggling with how to manage your races.

The Race Director’s Bootcamp is designed to give you little wins from the very first hour.

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