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Are you overlooking the demand for trail races?

Most race promoters can agree that trail races are the easiest way to get into off-road racing. They can be as simple as a chalk-drawn starting line and a stopwatch timed finish, to as complex as wave starts and chip timing. However, if you’re looking to get into off-road racing, the trail race is the...

/ February 6, 2017

Where have all the amateurs gone?

If Lewis and Clark were alive today, would they be considered professional or amateur level adventure racers? Knowing their well-documented history on how they “stumbled” their way through the American west, it is possible that their Native American support crew would have been hard pressed to get these two adventures back on the path before...

/ December 27, 2016

Principles of the No Snow Biathlon

Biathlon is one of the sports that has eluded the American athlete since its creation. Unlike other Olympic sports, Biathlon is one of the only sports the United States has never won a medal in, nor even broken the top 10 — EVER! Is 2014 our year? It would be great if it was, but...

/ February 5, 2014