Race organizers in the US have from time-to-time produced MTB Orienteering races.

However, no organized effort has ever been attempted to bring MTB Orienteering into the forefront of American orienteering competitions. Additionally, there are no American MTBO teams represented in any World MTB Orienteering Championship events, there is no active effort to form a competitive process for creating MTBO teams for international competition, and even the US Orienteering Federation has yet to place any emphasis (or resources) on MTB Orienteering within the US. MTBO America hopes to change all that! We believe that the United States is ready for Mountain Bike Orienteering and have begun a movement to expand MTB Orienteering advocacy throughout the country!

About the Association
MTBO America is a non-profit organization founded in 2009 to bring competitive Mountain Bike Orienteering to the United States of America. In 2009, MTBO America became the only Mountain Bike Orienteering association in the United States and hopes to partner with the United States Orienteering Federation (USOF) by 2010. Additionally, MTBO America is planning on producing MTB Orienteering events in 2010 at various local, state, national parks in the Mid-Atlantic region as part of our MTB Orienteering pilot program. These public events will include seminars, beginner instruction, and courses for all MTB Orienteering skill levels.

Our Five Year Plan
MTBO America’s primary goals are to promote mountain bike orienteering through event production, online communication, educational programs, and national organization. To accomplish these goals, we will begin our first phase of a five-phase plan by standing up a competitive MTB Orienteering series for racers located in Virginia, Maryland, and the Washington DC Metro Area by 2010. Upon the success of our 2010 Mid-Atlantic Region MTBO pilot program, we plan to proceed with a new phase in 2011 that will begin our westward expansion across the United States. By the completion of our Five Year Plan, we expect to have an MTB Orienteering series established in every major region across America by 2015.

Building our First US National MTB Orienteering Championships
With the conclusion of each new and existing MTB Orienteering series of events, MTBO America also expects to produce a National MTB Orienteering Championship beginning in 2012. Ultimately, this championship event will include the top MTB orienteers from each regional series and culminate into a US National MTB Orienteering event each year. The first US National MTB Orienteering Championship will be held in Northern Virginia, just outside the US Capital, Washington, DC. With each new regional series added to MTBO America’s calendar, the US National Championship will be relocated to take place within one of the States located in that region. The championship event is expected to become the “welcoming ceremony” for that region’s inclusion into the MTBO America community.

Building our First US MTB Orienteering Championship Team
Created from the rankings of the US National MTB Orienteering Championships each year, the top racers will be selected to participate with the US MTB Orienteering Team and have their entrance into the International Orienteering Federation (IOF) World MTB Orienteering Championships sponsored by MTBO America.

The Grand Strategy
The final goal of MTBO America is to create a highly successful, competitive MTB Orienteering environment with the United States, that wins us the privilege of hosting the World MTB Orienteering Championships on American soil for the first time ever. We hope to make this goal a reality by 2020, with our first World MTB Orienteering Championship event tentatively scheduled to take place in Northern Virginia, just outside the US Capital, Washington, DC. Since this is the location that will launch MTBO America’s MTB Orienteering event series in 2010, we think it fitting that the first North American World MTB Orienteering Championship be held where it all began. It will be the perfect conclusion to our Ten Year Plan and a fantastic accomplishment to all those who will help make the vision of MTBO America a reality.

Join Us
We believe that the United States is ready for Mountain Bike Orienteering and have begun a movement to expand MTB Orienteering advocacy throughout the country! If you would like to be a part of the MTBO America movement, please contact us today!

Posted by Tommy Dauntless

Dauntless has been mountain bike racing, adventure racing, and orienteering for over 20+ years and has been building and directing mountain bike races for the better part of two decades. He was the first race director to design and direct MTBO races in the United States in 2010, and help launch the entire Orienteering USA effort to send athletes to the World MTBO Championships. His love for MTBO comes from competing in MTBO in Australia and wanted to bring the sport of MTBO to America.