Seven years ago, I set out to help race directors build better races. I believed that off-road race education was missing from our industry and it was meant to be shared.

Today I am announcing that after a lot of thought and consultation I have decided to shutdown Reckoneer.

While I am not planning on creating any additional content Reckoneer or the Merchants of Dirt Podcast, I will continue to make all the content I have created available to any race director that needs it.

Over time, I plan to attend more races as a racer and observe other race directors in their natural habitat. I could be the refresh I need to revitalize Reckoneer someday in the future.

Although it is sad to say goodbye to Reckoneer, I am eager to put my heart into expanding my reach into the podcasting industry via Gagglepod.

Thank you to everyone who walked the long road with me and supported me over the past years. This has truly been an incredible journey!

Kyle M. Bondo

P.S> I would like to leave you with the song lyrics for Long Road by Pearl Jam’s frontman Eddie Vedder.

There a few different versions of this however it is the one he did for the America: A Tribute to Heroes with Mike McCready and Neil Young that I think is his best.

I believe these lyrics (and the song itself) expresses my hope that Reckoneer helped you build a better race.

If anything, these lyrics do define my heartfelt thanks for having you visit, read, listen, and learn from everything I created.

Thank you for Reckoneering!

Long Road
Songwriter: Eddie Vedder

And I wished for so long cannot stay.
All the precious moments cannot stay.
It’s not like wings have fallen cannot stay.
But still something’s missing cannot say.

Holding hands of daughters and sons,
And their faiths are falling down.
I have wished for so long
How I wish for you today.

Will I walk the long road? Cannot stay
There’s no need to say goodbye

All the friends and family.
All the memories going round.
I have wished for so long.
How I wish for you today.

And the wind keeps rollin’,
And the sky keeps turning gray.
And the sun is set
The sun will rise another day.

I have wished for so long
How I wish for you today.
I have wished for so long
How I wish for you today.

Will I walk the long road?
We all walk the long road

Long Road lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

Posted by Kyle Bondo

Kyle started Reckoneer with the simple mission of helping those who want to become race directors and learn the mechanics of outdoor recreation engineering. Kyle demystifies outdoor racing with over 20 years of endurance and outdoor industry business knowledge. Combined with his top-rated podcast Merchants of Dirt, dozens of articles, lessons, and infographics, Kyle has made Reckoneer the premier educator in outdoor event management. Build better races today!