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Your schedule is your race day movie script

Have you ever thought about how the schedule you use to direct a race is very similar to how a script is used to make a movie? Not those big budget blockbuster (unless you’re doing a major marathon, or hosting a national event), but one of those smaller independent film. Maybe something Kevin Smith or...

/ August 8, 2016

Build your first race promotion roadmap

The anatomy of a roadmap consists of two basic things: a start and a finish. The in-between of a roadmap can include as much or as little detail as you want. If you haven’t read “You start with a roadmap“, then go do that now, then come on back. I’ll wait! You back yet? What...

/ June 25, 2016

You start with a roadmap

You want to start building off-road races? That is awesome! But where do you start? Many new race promoters (and plenty of existing race promoters) have no clue what to do first. So instead of bounding their planning cycles with some kind of process, they wing it. Chances are, many of you are racers turned...

/ June 20, 2016